Retail mobile apps are changing the e-commerce jewelry industry game, one swipe at a time.

With more online jewelry retailers launching mobile apps over the past few years, it’s safe to say that e-commerce shopping has taken online shopping to the next level. No longer content with selling diamond jewelry online with basic websites, companies are tapping site developers and web designers to make their visions for easy mobile shopping of luxury jewelry to become a reality. Though it takes northwards of six months to build and perfect a jewelry shopping app, the instantly successful reaction to it by web-savvy consumers is worth the time that it takes to bring it from conception to production. Startup jewelry companies, in particular, have the advantage of getting things off the ground at a faster rate than their larger counterparts, a major reason why small jewelry businesses often introduce their brand, website, and app simultaneously. Having a retail mobile app in addition to an e-commerce website often contributes to the increase in annual revenue by almost twice as much as what is usually projected, which is why many jewelry companies–large and small–are getting in on the action.

Today’s web-savvy generation often takes their diamond fashion jewelry style cues from social media stalwarts such as Instagram or Snapchat, thus taking advantage of the fast-fashion attitude that comes along with looking chic in today’s tech-obsessed world. Diamond jewelry sites are acutely aware of this, which is why they immediately have immediately seized the opportunity to deliver luxury pieces to the target consumer who would be more likely to shop from the convenience of their handheld device than stepping into a jewelry boutique. Building an online jewelry brand mobile app was the next logical step for many jewelry companies, as they noticed that their official social media pages were driving more conversion than their site homepages. Waiting for a new diamond jewelry online collection to launch was an old-school approach that no longer fit in an era where a company wants to cater to a client with an up-to-the-minute mentality when it came to shopping for a diamond cross pendant or men’s gold chains by Frost NYC, for example.

Although diamond jewelry online apps are rolling out by the dozen, each company has put its special stamp on their contribution to the mobile shopping space. While some e-commerce sites prefer to make content such as featuring their jewelry bestsellers front and center, other online stores choose to engage their social media followers by inviting them to simultaneously “Like” an Instagram post of a genuine diamond chain and purchase it from their app. Nevertheless, every online jewelry store shares the same objective: making mobile browsing and shopping more user friendly for the client. Whether they are implementing a flexible way for people to shop via Affirm or incorporating one-tap mobile transactions with Apple Pay, jewelry web retailers can take full advantage of the fast-fashion business model without sacrificing the quality of their luxury diamond fashion jewelry collections.

To up the ante in the ever-competitive jewelry e-commerce game, more diamond jewelry sites are adding incentives for their clients to shop for gold jewelry on their shopping apps. Loyalty programs that allow jewelry lovers to collect and redeem points for their next purchase have boosted many mobile and web sales, encouraging diamond jewelry stores that they, too, can successfully compete on the digital sales playing field. For online jewelry retailers that once considered shopping apps to be the sole domain of Amazon and eBay, they are now getting the hang of maximizing smartphone shopping activity in order to maximize sales for diamond jewelry online. Furthermore, recruiting mobile sales specialists to track web consumer trends in the jewelry industry is what will ultimately ensure that jewelry businesses will always have their finger on the pulse of what today’s tech-driven jewelry lover enjoys. For more information about jewelry and Gold Chains visit FrostNYC.com