Keep Your Website With the Times: Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2017


As 2017 introduces itself to the world, it is that exciting but stressful time where business owners (and people in general) begin to evaluate where they have been and where they desire to go.  Evaluating business goals and strategies is key to a successful and profitable year.  One item that may frequently fall under the radar in business evaluation is website updates or overhauls.  Each year, as technology and creativity expand, we see significant improvements in the design and functionality of business web design.  It is important to stay relevant in website design as people looking for goods or services typically judge the business by the first impression – usually a company that offer design help like Mimvi Website Design Services – and do not have the time or patience for websites that do not meet their functionality requirements.  So, as you evaluate your business this year, it is important to keep these web design trends in mind so that you can remain at the top of your game.


The introduction of shapes and patterns.  Web designers have previously reached a point of frustration, feeling as though all websites, when you strip away the colors, logos and information, look the same.  Depending on the industry your business revolves around, you may desire a more creative site to entice prospective clients or customers.  For example, travel agencies, art studios, interior designers or musicians may aspire to stand out from the crowd, to draw in consumers with their unique style.  Geometric shapes will make a huge impact on web design as we get deeper into 2017 in a multitude of ways.  Photographs may be outlined with different shapes; the site may contain a pattern of lines and shapes; the homepage banner may contain different shapes with text or photographs.  Design styles will definitely expand as we enter 2017, adding intrigue to the web.


Content driven layouts.   For marketing and SEO Services in New York City for the purposes, content is the most crucial part of a website.  Despite this, the overall message has often gotten lost in the “clutter” of the design in the past.  Website have been inundated with chat boxes, call to action buttons, photographs displaying work, comment forms, etc.  And while many of these are necessary, they can detract from the overall message of the site, which is the most important part: it is more crucial to be optimized than to be pretty, so to speak.  Regardless of people’s interest in attractive sites, they ultimately visit a website for its content.  It will be important to find a balance between keeping your site both attractive, and informative by highlighting the content.  In addition, companies will begin to move away from lengthy paragraphs describing their company, products or services and move toward simple, to the point, statements.


Drastic, bright, blended colors.  Personality is key in business, especially in a service industry.  No one wants to deal with people they do not like.  That translates to the internet as well.  Companies have begun to use more color and more drastic color in their sites to add visual appeal without taking away from the content and to add personality. This is not to say to re-create your entire site to lime green; it must remain easy to look at and read.  But if you can professionally and simply add more color to your site, you will be following a current trend or business that offer Mimvi IT Services.


Increased animation. For years, when you go to a site, you see a rotating photographs depicting the business, the products or the services provided.  Those days are not completely gone.  However, they will be enhanced with increased animation.  This is becoming more popular for very simple reasons: it is becoming easier, and it is more interesting.  You will also see more 360 videos and virtual reality effects.