Tips to Keep You Safe when Tending to Plumbing Concerns in Your Home


Most homeowners know the differences between major and minor plumbing issues.  Major plumbing issues that require professional Staten Island plumbers should not be tackled by homeowners, as it could be dangerous and potentially make the problem worse and more costly.  However, homeowners encounter many minor plumbing issues in their Staten Island homes that can be fixed simply if you follow certain safety rules.  As a homeowner, it is your sole responsibility to maintain your home, while can be quite costly at the end of the year. And while a reputable Staten Island plumbing company should be contacted for all major plumbing needs, homeowners can spare themselves certain expenses by fixing small plumbing concerns, such as unclogging a drain, on their own.


However, before tackling any plumbing issues, it important to follow certain safety guidelines.  First, always protect your eyes and hands.  Any time you are working on plumbing problems, safety goggles should be used to prevent anything from flying into your eyes.  This applies regardless of what plumbing work you are doing, whether drilling, hammering, sawing or snaking a drain. You should also make sure to cover your hands at all times.  This is prevent chemicals or items in pipes from coming into contact with your skin.  Many drain cleaners, for example, contain chemicals that you do not want to touch.  Further, items such as old food that may be caught in drains may contain germs or bacteria that you can avoid through gloves.


Make sure that any tools you will be using in your plumbing work have been thoroughly inspected prior to use.  Tools are meant to perform certain tasks for a certain amount of time and in certain conditions. Only use tools as they are recommended.


It is highly advisable to work alongside someone else while managing any plumbing need.  Because you are not a professional plumber, there may be things you would overlook or miss without a second pair of eyes and hands. An extra person will not only make the process more safe, but also quicker as you can use your helper to run and turn off the water or quickly turn off a machine if need be.


Be on the lookout for anything that does not smell right.  Plumbing issues that require more detailed attention can be determined by your sense of smell.  An off-smelling drain could potentially mean that there is a blockage that needs to be unclogged.  More dangerously, if you smell gas, there is a chance there is a gas leak caused by leaking water and you should immediately call for professional help.


If you are not entirely sure what you are doing, do not just wing it as you go as this can lead to further damage and more costly repairs down the road.   If you are not sure what the next steps are, or feel as though you are in over your head, contact your local plumbing company in Staten Island.

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